How to Protect Your Family Photos From Natural Disasters


Nothing is more heartbreaking than watching a victim of the latest disaster digging through the timbers of her home looking for the things she loves most: favorite photos.

The worst part is this type of loss is so easy to prevent! Why are we so good at backing up our smartphone pictures – including the one of yesterday’s lunch – five different ways? But the photos we love most are hanging on the wall unprotected!

  • Before hurricane, tornado, wildfire or volcano season catches you unprepared, grab your photos off the walls and scan them at home or at your local copy shop.
  • Back up the scans to several different locations in and out of your home, including your PC, portable hard drive, safe deposit box and the cloud. That way if anything ever happens, all you have to do is reprint your favorites and hang them up on your new wall.

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Do you live in hurricane, wildfire, tornado or volcano country?

Want to hang on to all the things you love?

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You’re probably wondering why we’ve decided to give away copies of our own book.

It’s simple.

After the recent hurricanes and wildfires, mom and I launched Get Ready, a campaign designed to give families who were impacted by those disasters the vital tools and resources they need to deal with emergencies before they happen.  With the help of sponsors including Iridium Satellite Phones, our goal is to donate at least 200,000 free downloadable copies of the PDF versions of newest books Ready, Connected & Listo En 10 to families in Texas, Florida, California, the U.S. Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico.

The books will be available for a limited time, so hurry up and get your copy using the links above while they last.

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Never Chase A Paycheck Again

What if, instead of chasing after money, money started chasing after you?

How would that change your life?

Well, according to Dr. Robert Watkins, that dream can absolutely become a reality.  In his book Never Chase A Paycheck Again, Dr. Watkins lays out clear, actionable Bible-based steps that anyone can take to break away from nine-to-five dependence and build real wealth.


By chasing your purpose instead of a paycheck.

We recently spoke with him to discover his insights on creating wealth.


LG: “Dr. Watkins, in your book you talk about the importance of finding your purpose.  Can you share how you discovered your own purpose?”

RW: “I never met my birth mother and I never met my birth father.  I was a ward of the state of Michigan.  So you can imagine, growing up with that type of insecurity.  My own mother didn’t want me, my father didn’t want me.  So I struggled for most of teenage and adult years with one question. Who am I?”

It wasn’t until he became a Christian that he realized that there was a special purpose for his life.  “What changed my life was when I read Jeremiah 1:5, I’ve known you from your mother’s womb. I started asking questions and started reading books and I realized that I’m here on earth for a reason.”

“The day I discovered my raison d’etre and began to focus on my God-given gifts, skills and talents was the day my life changed and I stopped chasing a paycheck.”

In the years since, Dr. Watkins has helped countless people identify their purpose.  He suggests that you ask yourself a series of questions like:

  • What are you most passionate about?
  • If money wasn’t an issue what would you be doing with your day?
  • What makes you angry in the world?
  • What problems in the world would you like to see solved?
  • What makes you smile?

“The moment you have clarity on your purpose,” says Dr. Watkins, “take one small step towards its fulfillment.  Then take another small step every day.”  For Dr. Watkins the small step was starting a small bible study in his home.  “One step every day.  No doubt, no fear.  Once you have clarity, don’t let it go.”

Seven Or Even Eight Streams Of Income

One of the most important parts of not having to chase a paycheck, is to create multiple streams of income that consistently bring passive income cascading into your life.  For many people, locating even one additional source of income is a problem, but Dr. Watkins suggests that people aim for seven or eight!

When we asked him to shed a little light on this, he laughed. “It’s based on Ecclesiastes 11:2, Invest in seven ventures, yes, in eight; you do not know what disaster may come upon the land.” Talk about not putting all your eggs in one basket!

What we loved most about Never Chase A Paycheck Again, is that it’s filled with advice that you can take, no matter what their background.  And that includes having multiple of streams of income to enhance that paycheck of yours.  “For example, writing and selling an eBook.  Everyone has a book in them,” says Dr. Watkins.  Whether it’s sharing information that can help others or simply telling your life story, writing books and getting them out there for sale on the internet is a great way to make extra income.

Another stream that anyone can take advantage of, is affiliate marketing income.  Anyone with even a small blog can sign up as an affiliate of products or companies and earn money every time one of their readers purchases a product or service that they recommend.

Here are seven streams that Dr. Watkins recommends:

  • eBooks
  • Purchasing small amounts of stocks
  • Raising money on GoFundMe to fund projects or start a business
  • Creating a product and selling it
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Turning a hobby that you’re good at, into extra income
  • Finding an additional job

The best type of income is passive income.  Going back to the example of the book, once you write it and post it for sale the money will continue to come in for years to come.

That reminds us of one of our favorite increase experts, Bob Harrison, who began speaking after getting his start as a car dealer 40 years ago.  Most of his talks are based on the wisdom he gained during his dealership days and he loves to say that that old job is still paying royalties!

Growing Your Income Streams

But once the additional income starts to flow, how do you make it grow?  Dr. Watkins suggests starting small, putting a dollar away every day.  Thirty dollars a month invested at an annual return of 10% would give you nearly $68,000 in less than thirty years with almost no effort.

Finding a 10% return though, isn’t always easy.

“I always tell people to invest in God-made things,” says Dr. Watkins.  Things like gold. Things like real estate.  Things like people.  Anything that you sow into, invest into that’s God-made will yield a return.  Whether it’s real estate or silver, it’s not going away. It’s so valuable because God’s not making any more of it.

No matter what you invest in, Dr. Watkins suggests that you learn as much as you can about whatever you’re investing in, before making the investment.

Gathering Of The Angels

One thing we love about Dr. Watkins’ company Conquer Worldwide, is that they not only teach about having multiple streams and building wealth, they help the process along for local entrepreneurs.  It’s called the “Gathering Of The Angels,” and is described as, “a Shark Tank-style competition where small business owners pitch their business idea for the opportunity to receive immediate financial investments and business advice.”

The Importance Of Leaving A Legacy

We all know that it’s important to leave a financial legacy for your children, yet many billionaires have signed pacts that they will give away most of their wealth before they die.  In closing, we asked Dr. Watkins how he felt about this.

“Proverbs 3:22 says that we have a responsibility to our children and our children’s children,” said Dr. Watkins. “That’s three generations.  Then when that’s taken care of, once you fulfill that, you can start going into your community and taking care of problems in the world.”

It all comes back to purpose.  No matter what purpose you were sent to earth to fulfill, following the Bible-based steps so beautifully laid out by Robert Watkins, will put you on the path to lifelong prosperity, not just for you and your family but for your community, your businesses and everyone that you touch, around you.

Do yourself a favor.  Get out of the 9-5 trap and grab a copy of this book today.  Never Chase A Paycheck Again

When Disaster Strikes: How Satellite Phones Like Iridium Can Keep You Connected

Wind storm damage

Tree falls after Nor’easter storm and takes down a telephone pole with Transformer.

To us, one of the worst things that all of the recent disasters had in common, was that they left millions of people — millions of families — disconnected from everything that they needed not only to survive, but to recover. 

I’m happy to say that we have joined forces with a company whose mission is to keep that disconnection from happening in the first place.  We’d like to welcome Iridium, makers of extraordinary satellite phones to the Connected family.  They’re joining us as part of our Get Ready campaign.  

Here is a little more about Iridium…

Natural disasters can strike at any time, leaving you and your family stranded without the ability to do something as simple as make a phone call.  In 2017, the United States experienced wildfires in California, tornadoes throughout the Gulf Coast, flooding near rivers and devastation caused by hurricanes in Texas, Florida and Puerto Rico.  While physical essentials like food, water and shelter are often limited during disasters, communications are often overlooked as an emergency resource.  In the aftermath of Hurricane Maria, Puerto Rico experienced an outage of their land-based networks that are used for landlines and cell phone usage.  First responders relied on satellite communications in order to coordinate relief efforts, and afflicted families were able to connect with their loved ones using Iridium® satellite phones.

In a disaster, there is a risk that telephone lines may fail quickly – and those that don’t can be overloaded with users attempting to place calls.  Satellite communications may become the only alternative as your ‘cellular tower in the sky’.  Iridium provides satellite connectivity with its network of 66 Low-Earth orbit (LEO) satellites that brings reliable service to anyone throughout the world.  Satellite connectivity is a critical emergency resource and backup communications source that allows you, your family, and colleagues to stay safe, aware and connected during a crisis. 

Why Iridium?

Iridium is the only provider that offers truly global coverage for mobile satellite devices.  Some providers have large stationary satellites placed in space over 22,000 miles away in Geostationary Orbit (GEO).  Given the distance away from Earth, satellite providers with LEO constellations, like Iridium, tend to experience lower latency on phone calls and provide coverage in areas that cannot be served by GEO constellations.  For example, if you’re stranded in a mountainous area, you may struggle to have a clear line of sight between your satellite phone and a GEO satellite.  With LEO satellites, terrain blockages resolve themselves as the satellites move overhead.

Iridium’s network of 66 LEO satellites continually orbiting the earth supplies clear and reliable communications no matter where you are.  Iridium offers easy-to-use satellite phones and devices that can quickly connect you to the Iridium network, and allow you to place calls during a crisis, especially when cellular connectivity is unavailable. 

How do I choose a satellite device?

Another benefit of a LEO network is the compact and mobile products associated with it.  For example, Iridium GO!® is a small ‘modem’ that connects your smartphone to the Iridium satellite network.  Simply load the Iridium GO! mobile application to your smartphone, connect it to the Iridium network and place a call.  Iridium GO! provides multiple options to stay in touch. You can check email, send a text, update your social media accounts or send an SOS message when in need.   


The Iridium satellite phone, called Iridium Extreme®, is suitable for users on the move. It has a rugged design that can withstand harsh conditions, and features an SOS-button for emergency situations. The SOS button  automatically dials the GEOS emergency response center, a part of the International Emergency Response Coordination Center (IERCC), providing a connection to a live support representative.  The SOS-functionality requires users to register online in order to initiate this emergency response service, and once pushed, the SOS button will send location data for response coordination with local public authorities. The button is programmable so corporations or organizations can have emergency calls routed to their internal response center if needed.

How do I use a satellite device?

An Iridium satellite phone is nearly as easy to use as a regular phone. However, here are some tips to keep you connected at all times. When using your satellite device, it is important that you ensure the device has been fully charged.  When placing a call from a satellite phone, make sure you have a clear view of the sky in order to connect to the network.  To place a call, simply dial 001 (US country code) followed by the phone number.

1000w_q95 (1)

Having an emergency plan is a necessity in any household.  Ensuring you have a guaranteed and reliable communication source that works with you wherever you go is the best way to stay safe and connected during a disaster.  When preparing for a disaster, be sure to include Iridium in your emergency kit.  You can test your satellite phone for free using Iridium’s Test Your Satellite Number: 001-480-752-5105.

For more information on Iridium and where to purchase, please visit:

Have Fun Getting Your Stuff Together! We’ll talk later…


The Backup Plan

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More Amazing Things You Can Do In 5 Minutes Or Less
How To Set Up An ICE Contact On Your Smartphone
How To Download and Back Up Your Digital Photos
How To Fill Out Your Kid’s Emergency Contact Card


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The Two Minutes That Can Save Your Life


Our prayers and thoughts are with the people of Las Vegas today.

Late last night over 500 people ended up in the hospital, many in critical condition, who never in their wildest imaginations thought they would be going there. Many are away from home on vacation, others separated from their spouses, children, friends and family who may very well be in another hospital. The thing they have in common is that the doctors and nurses caring for them don’t know them personally. They don’t know what prescriptions they are taking, what they might be allergic to, or what hidden medical conditions might be lurking.

No one could have predicted or probably prevented the horror that happened in Las Vegas last night. But what you can prevent, is lack of information. If you don’t have an ICE Contact on your own phone, your spouses and kid’s phone, please stop what you’re doing and go to these links on our blog RIGHT NOW. This is the quick version for iPhone and for the Samsung Galaxy.

You can find full ICE Contact instructions in our book Connected/ICE My Phone Kit — both print and downloadable instant versions. If you need copies for your group, company or organization, message me and we’ll make sure you get them.

Create An ICE Contact In 2 Minutes

What if I told you that you could put an ICE Contact on your Samsung Galaxy with everything it needs to have in it to save your life, in 2 MINUTES FLAT?

Would you grab your phone and go for it?  Of course you would!  In fact, even if you already have an ICE Contact on your smartphone, I guarantee that you’re probably missing a few key things.
So what are you waiting for?  Grab your phone and let’s get started!
1.  Put the word ICE, all capitals, in the First Name field.
2.  Put your ICE Contact’s first and last name in the Last Name field.
3.  Type in all of your contact’s phone numbers.  EVERY one that you have for them
4. Type in all of your contact’s email addresses — again, every last one.
5. Type in all of your contact’s social media handles/user names in the website section of your contact.  You never know what will be working in an emergency.  Many people have reached loved ones on Facebook and Twitter, when cell phone and landline service was down.
6. If you don’t have a field for Relationship, add one by adding new field and choosing the one called, oddly enough, Relationship.  Then choose or enter the way that this contact is related to you.
7. Your own allergies, medications and medical history go in the notes section.  Even better capitalize the words ALLERGIES, MEDICATIONS etc to ensure that they’re seen.
8.  You can also add your physician’s names and phone numbers in the notes section and if you like, a link to your own medical history form.  If you don’t have one, you can borrow one of ours.
9.  Is your contact in different locations on different days?  Add that in the notes section as well.
10. Instead of their photo, add an ICE Contact Graphic to the contact to make it stand out.  Here are a few to choose from.
11.  And finally, never, ever put your social security number or insurance member number into your ICE Contact.  You may put the name of your insurance company and their customer service number in if you like, but as long as your emergency contact comes to the hospital and can provide that information, it’s probably not necessary.
And there you have it.  One fully loaded ICE Contact.  Two Minutes.
While you’re here, be sure to check out our other posts like How To Put and ICE Contact On Your Samsung Galaxy to learn EVERYTHING you need to know about ICEing your phone. 
Have Fun Getting Your Stuff Together! We’ll talk later…


Introducing… Connected

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More Amazing Things You Can Do In 5 Minutes Or Less
How To Download and Back Up Your Digital Photos
How To Fill Out Your Kid’s Emergency Contact Card


Connected The Book Inspired By The Blog.

Connected | Saving Lives & Connecting Families One Smartphone @ A Time.

What if I told you, there was one thing that you own and probably have with you right now, that can give you the support, information & ability you need to keep everyone and everything you love safe and sound, PLUS the power to gather your family in seconds no matter where they are. What is it? It’s your smartphone! Introducing Connected, an easy to read, easy to use guide that gives you everything you need to turn your smartphone into your very own life preserver. Purchase Connected @