The Two Minute ICE Contact

What if I told you that you could put an ICE Contact on your iPhone with everything it needs to have in it to save your life, in 2 MINUTES FLAT?

Would you grab your phone and go for it?  Of course you would!  In fact, even if you already have an ICE Contact on your iPhone, I guarantee that you’re probably missing a few key things.
And with the way the world has been the last few years — remember Hurricane Harvey, Hurricane Irma, Maria and the California Ranch, Camp, Thomas and Carr wildfires — it’s more important than ever!   Having an ICE contact is an awesome way keep your family safe and connected no matter WHAT is happening around you. 
Whether you have an iPhone 6, iPhone 7 or a brand new iPhone X or XS Max, here is a quick and easy way to put a basic ICE Contact on your phone in just a few minutes. 

Before You Begin…

Do you password lock your phone?  If so, you’ll also need to set up the Medical ID on your iPhone.  It’s the only way that a hospital will be able to view your ICE Contact while you’re phone is locked. 
Once you’ve finished your ICEing your phone, set up the Medical ID on your phone, by clicking on the Health App (that’s the app with the heart that comes pre-loaded onto your phone).  Then attach your ICE Contact(s) to the Medical ID so they’ll be easy for an emergency room to spot.  If you need instructions, you can find them right here on the blog.

Grab your phone and let’s get started!

1.  Put the word ICE, all capitals, in the First Name field.
2.  Put your ICE Contact’s full name and relationship to you in the Company field.
3.  Type in all of your contact’s phone numbers.  EVERY one that you have for them
4. Type in all of your contact’s email addresses — again, every last one.
5. Type in all of your contact’s social media handles/user names.  You never know what will be working in an emergency.  Many people have reached loved ones on Facebook and Twitter, when cell phone and landline service was down.
6. Your own allergies, medications and medical history go in the notes section.  Even better capitalize the words ALLERGIES, MEDICATIONS etc to ensure that they’re seen.
7.  You can also add your physician’s names and phone numbers in the notes section and if you like, a link to your own medical history form.  If you don’t have one, you can borrow one of ours.
8.  Is your contact in different locations on different days?  Add that in the notes section as well.
9. Instead of their photo, add an ICE Contact Graphic to the contact to make it stand out.  Here are a few to choose from.
10.  And finally, never, ever put your social security number or insurance member number into your ICE Contact.  You may put the name of your insurance company and their customer service number in if you like, but as long as your emergency contact comes to the hospital and can provide that information, it’s probably not necessary.
And there you have it.  One fully loaded ICE Contact.  Two Minutes.
While you’re here, be sure to check out our other posts like How To Put An ICE Contact On Your iPhone, or How To ICE Your Samsung Galaxy to learn EVERYTHING you need to know about ICEing your phone. 
And while you’re feeling proactive, don’t forget to put ICE Contacts on your spouse’s and kid’s phones too, along with each other’s contact information.   If you’d rather download the information to take care of your phones later, you can download it right here.

Have Fun Getting Your Stuff Together! We’ll talk later…


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