The Two Minutes That Can Save Your Life

64 POST Two Minute Samsung galaxy S20 FE
Updated On 3/2/21

In 2020 due to COVID 19, millions of people ended up in the hospital, many in critical condition, who never in their wildest imaginations thought they would be going there. Many were separated from their spouses, children, friends and family who may very well be in another hospital, or who they might never see again.

The thing they have in common is that the doctors and nurses caring for them don’t know them personally. They don’t know what prescriptions they are taking, what they might be allergic to, or what hidden medical conditions might be lurking.

No one could have predicted how severely the pandemic would affect the world or how long it would continue.   But what you can prevent, is lack of information. If you don’t have an ICE Contact on your own iPhone, your spouses and kid’s phone, please stop what you’re doing and go to these links on our blog RIGHT NOW. This is the quick version for iPhone and for the Samsung Galaxy.

You can also find full ICE Contact instructions for every popular phone, smart and flip alike, in our book At Your Fingertips at this link.

Need copies for your group, company or organization? Leave a comment below and we’ll be in touch.

Have Fun Getting Your Stuff Together!

The ICE My Phone Kit

Did you know your smartphone can save your life? It can also save your spouse’s life, your kid’s lives and the lives of everyone you love! The secret is letting your phone do the talking for you in an emergency. How? With ICE, your in case of emergency contact. In “The ICE My Phone Kit” you’ll find step by step directions for ICEing, iPhones, Galaxies, regular Androids, Windows and even flip phones. Paperback Or Instant Download


At Your Fingertips | Make Your Smartphone Even Smarter

What if I told you, there was something you have with you right now, that can give you the support, information & ability you need to keep everyone and everything you love safe and sound, PLUS the power to gather your family in seconds no matter where they are. What is it? It’s your smartphone! At Your Fingertips is an easy to read, easy to use guide that turns your smartphone into your very own life preserver. Paperback Or Instant Download


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