How To Set Up Your Medical ID & ICE Contact On An iPhone

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The ICE My Phone Kit

Did you know your smartphone can save your life? It can also save your spouse’s life, your kid’s lives and the lives of everyone you love! The secret is letting your phone do the talking for you in an emergency. How? With ICE, your in case of emergency contact. In “The ICE My Phone Kit” you’ll find step by step directions for ICEing, iPhones, Galaxies, regular Androids, Windows and even flip phones. Paperback Or Instant Download

At Your Fingertips | Make Your Smartphone Even Smarter

What if I told you, there was something you have with you right now, that can give you the support, information & ability you need to keep everyone and everything you love safe and sound, PLUS the power to gather your family in seconds no matter where they are. What is it? It’s your smartphone! At Your Fingertips is an easy to read, easy to use guide that turns your smartphone into your very own life preserver. Paperback Or Instant Download

How To Set Up Your ICE Contacts

How To Set Up An ICE Contact On Your iPhone
How To Set Up An ICE Contact On Your Samsung Galaxy Phone
How To Set Up An ICE Contact On Your Android Smartphone
How To Put An ICE Contact & Medical ID On Your Apple Watch
How To Set Up Your Medical ID & ICE Contact On The iPhone
How to put an ICE Contact on your Samsung Galaxy Lock Screen
Can I Put An ICE Contact On A Password Protected iPhone?
How To Find Your Patient’s Medical Information & ICE Contacts On An iPhone.
Cómo Colocar Un En Caso de Contacto de Emergencia En Su Teléfono Celular
Why Are ICE Contacts So Important?
Create An ICE Contact In 2 Minutes
The Two Things You should NEVER put in your ICE Contact
Don’t Carry A Wallet? Here are 20 Places To Put Your Emergency Wallet Card

Keep The People You Love Safe

How To Keep Your Medical History At Your Fingertips
How To Create A Family Evacuation Plan
How To Fill Out Your Child’s Emergency Contact Card
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7 thoughts on “How To Set Up Your Medical ID & ICE Contact On An iPhone

  1. How do I change the Medical Notes in my Medical ID section? I have my old doctor listed and want to change names to my new doctor.

    • Hi B,

      Thanks for visiting and thanks for your question. Click on the Health App and then the Medical ID icon on the bottom right hand side of your screen to open it up. In the upper right hand of your screen, you’ll see an EDIT button. Tap on that and then open the medical notes section to edit. Let me know if that doesn’t work. Have a spectacular Sunday! Laura

  2. CANNOT get the additional ICE contacts added…goes to contact list…to the ICE person..BUT how do I get it to the Medical alert?

    • Hi Safrona,

      I don’t know if you can add additional ICE Contacts to the Medical ID. It may be limited to only one. Readers? Do any of you know if you can add more than one ICE Contact to your Medical ID?

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