Can I Put An ICE Contact On A Password Protected iPhone?


There’s one question about ICE Contacts that we get from iPhone users all the time that’s so important, we decided to take care of it in its own blog post.  

Should I even bother putting an ICE Contact on my iPhone if I use a password to lock my phone?

Great question!  
After all, ICE contacts are great – as long as emergency personnel can actually SEE your ICE information.  But what if you lock your iPhone with a password? 
Believe it or not, in many cities emergency workers aren’t allowed to break into a password protected mobile phone, even in an emergency.  Which means that having an iCE contact on a password protected phone is useless, right?  
As long as you set up your iCE contact correctly, all an emergency worker has to do is ask Siri to retrieve it for them!
And THAT is why we suggest that you put nothing but the word iCE in the Name field of your iCE Contact.   Then put the contact’s name in the Company Name field instead.  If you don’t already have an ICE Contact on your iPhone, be sure to read the blog post.
Even when your iPhone is password locked, all you have to do is Press and Hold Down the Main Home Key on your phone to access Siri.  Then say to Siri, “Contacts ICE”.   Siri will then display all the information you have saved as iCE.  If you place any other words in the name field besides iCE, your phone will sort it differently and Siri won’t recognize the contact as iCE.
Remember, if someone is looking for your iCE Contact, you may be unconscious and unable to communicate medical information for yourself.   In fact, if you do tend to password lock your phone, you should definitely put vital medical information like allergies or chronic illnesses into the Notes Section of your contact as well, just in case the iCE contact is the only contact on your phone that medical personnel can access.
Take a look at the graphic below or at the video at the beginning of this post, to see what happens when you ask Siri for your iCE Contact.
And if you’re a healthcare professional, remember these instructions the next time you encounter an unconscious patient with a locked iPhone.  Press and hold down the main home key to access Siri and say “Contacts ICE”.  You never know.  That one little question might just uncover all of the information you need to save a life!
Can I Put An ICE Contact On A Password Protected iPhone? | You'll find this and other quick and easy life hacks and organization hacks at
Have Fun Getting Your Stuff Together! We’ll talk later…
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