How To Save Your Treasured Voice Mail Messages

How To Save Your Treasured Voice Mail Messages

How To Save Your Treasured Voice Mail Messages | You'll find this and other quick and easy life hacks and organization hacks at https://rnn10.wordpress.comYour mission is to learn how to back up all of those voice mail messages you’ve been saving and resaving, so that you can keep them safe and sound without worrying about losing them.   When we first started writing our books, I was really surprised to hear how many people have old voice mails on their phones and answering machines that they keep resaving over and over again for sentimental reasons.  For some people it’s the news of a new arrival to the family, or a job offer they’d been waiting for.  For others it’s the last message or the old voice mail greeting of a loved one who’s passed away. The problem with trying to save voice mail messages this way, is that one hiccup from a cell phone carrier or badly timed power outage and that message will be gone forever.  
That’s what happened to one woman.  When her fifteen year old son unexpectedly died in his sleep, she couldn’t bear to erase the greeting on his cell phone’s voicemail. So she kept his phone and service, just so she could call every once in a while to hear his voice.   Until one day when her cell phone carrier changed storage systems and lost his voicemail greeting.  
She was absolutely beside herself.  
Thankfully, weeks later, the cell phone carrier found the greeting, put it on a CD and sent it to her.  But when a recording is THAT important, you can’t just leave it up to chance, hoping that it never gets erased.   And backing it up is so easy to do, you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it months ago! 
Do you have a message that you want to save?  
Well the first thing you have to do is to figure out what method is best. 
Usually old messages are in one of three places.  
  • Your cell phone’s voice mail
  • A digital answering machine or landline voicemail system
  • Or an answering machine that uses a cassette tape
 Let’s Start With Your Cell Phone’s Voice Mail   
  • Most smartphones have an option within the voice mail to save the message to your Dropbox, iCloud or One Drive. That’s the easiest method, because your phone will save the recording for you, usually as an MP3.
  • Or you can save the file and email it to yourself.
  • Once the file is on your computer, store the message to your backup files as well as a portable hard drive for safe keeping
What If You Have An Older Cell Phone That Doesn’t Let You Save Your Messages As Files?
  • You can turn it into an MP3  (we’ll cover this one in a minute)
  • Or you can call your cellphone carrier and ask them how to download a voice mail from your particular phone.
  • Or you can play the message on speakerphone and record it onto a digital recorder as an MP3 
What if Your Message Is On A Cassette Tape? 
The easiest way to archive it is to simply save the tape.  Which would be fine if this was just a simple message.  Since it’s not, and since cassettes have a habit of breaking, you really need to back up the message and save it to your computer as an MP3, for safekeeping.  
One easy way we’ve found to convert your cassettes to MP3s is the ION Tape Express
What If Your Message Is On An Answering Machine With A Digital Chip Or A Landline Voicemail System? 
Play the message out loud on your digital answering system and record it onto a digital recorder, like your smartphone. 
If the message is on a landline voicemail system, use a speakerphone to play the message out loud and record it.  
This is also the best way to save a voicemail greeting from a smartphone, since a greeting can’t usually be saved like a message can. 
Or You Can Leave It To The Professionals
If you have an old cell phone with a treasured message or voicemail greeting on it on it and would rather leave the archiving to the professionals, it’s time to go to CBW Productions.  You can find them at
They’ll make a copy of any message that’s on your cell phone’s voice mail and email you the MP3 copy.  Or if you would rather, they’ll send it to you on a CD.  
The next time someone leaves you a message that you never want to lose, do yourself a favor. Take five minutes to back it up.
And if you have any type of message that you need to back up that we didn’t cover here, let us know on the comments below, so we can help you figure it out. 
We’d love to hear your questions and comments below and don’t forget to use the share buttons, to share this post and video with your friends on social media.
Want to download these instructions for later?  Click Here to download the PDF Shortcut Sheet.
Have Fun Getting Your Stuff Together! We’ll talk later…


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2 thoughts on “How To Save Your Treasured Voice Mail Messages

  1. I wish that I’d read this a few years ago. I think that we all have a few voicemails that we wish that we could keep forever, but I lost a few a couple years ago. I think that my current system stores them in a digital messaging system, like you mentioned, so they should be able to be saved. Thanks for the post!

  2. It is really nice to know that it is possible to save all of your best voice messages. This is a great way to be able to keep and remember some of your most cherished memories. It is amazing to me that this is something that can be done with so many different types of communication devices. I am especially amazed that it can be done with a cassette tape.

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