Don’t Carry A Wallet? Here are 20 Places To Put Your Emergency Wallet Card

no wallet

You know you need one.  You know you want one.

But what in the world are you supposed to do if you want to carry an Emergency Wallet Card but don’t carry a wallet?  Or if you don’t carry one when you’re out jogging, running to the store or doing errands while at the office.
Glad you asked…    
But before we get to the list, here’s a tip to make sure that it doesn’t get smeared or so dog-earred that it’s unreadable. Laminate it before you put it in one (or more) of the places below.

Here are 20 OTHER places to put your Emergency Wallet Card.

  1. Slip it into the opposite side of  your work ID.  That way you’ll even have it when you’re running across the street from your office to grab a coffee or a juice.
  2. A wristlet, like the Banjees Wrist Wallet  by Sprigs.  It fits securely around your wrist and features a zipper pocket inside big enough to hold a few dollars, a credit card, gym or Starbucks card and, you guessed it, your emergency card.
  3. Your book bag.  Stash it in the inside zipper pocket.  If it has a little window pocket for your ID or your kid’s ID, even better.
  4. Your briefcase
  5. The opposite side of your business card holder
  6. A conspicuous place on your car visor
  7. Clipped to the zipper or pocket of your jacket
  8. Your fanny pack — come on, we know you still have one
  9. The zippered pouch in your purse
  10. Your inside coat pocket
  11. Inside your smartphone case
  12. In your iPad/Tablet/PC Case
  13. On the reverse side of your luggage tag
  14. Medic Alert Jewelry  There’s a reason millions of kids had to wear it.  It works!
  15. On your key chain
  16. Take the information on your emergency wallet card and create ICE Contacts on your smartphone.  Whether you have an iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, Window’s Phone or just a plain cell phone, you’ll find easy instructions on ICEing any phone right here on the blog.
  17. The pocket of your jogging shorts
  18. A Shoewallet — A wallet like device that fits right onto the laces of your running shoes
  19. On your Smart Watch — if you can put contacts on it then you can put an ICE Contact on too!
  20. Tucked in with your credit cards
  21. BONUS  For your little children, toddlers and infants — on an ICE belt in the car .  An ICE Belt holds little children’s emergency information so that emergency personnel can treat the child with her needs in mind even if the mom is unconscious after a car accident.
There you have it.  21 alternate locations for your emergency wallet card.  No more excuses!  And if you don’t have an emergency wallet card, you can borrow one of ours.
And while you’re here, be sure to check out our other posts like How To Put An ICE Contact On Your iPhone, or How To ICE Your Samsung Galaxy to learn everything you need to know about ICEing your phone.  And while you’re feeling proactive, don’t forget to put ICE Contacts on your spouse’s and kid’s phones too, along with each other’s contact information.   

Have Fun Getting Your Stuff Together! We’ll talk later…


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