How To Back Up Your LinkedIn Contacts

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Updated 5/3/21

Quick.  Name all the people that you’re connected to on LinkedIn.

You’ve got two minutes…

Time’s up.  Well could you do it?   No?  Uh oh.  
Because all of that work you put into making your LinkedIn account the masterpiece that it is, can be gone in an instant.  Why?  Because LinkedIn is a web site with millions of users and billions of entries.  As hard as they try to maintain it and keep all of your contacts and information safe, all it takes is one electronic hiccup or hacked account and — well you get the idea.
But the GOOD news is, that won’t happen to you.  Why? Because you’re about to learn a secret.  You can download and backup all of your business contacts from LinkedIn.  Not only is it easy, but you can even put all your connections right into Outlook giving you instant access to all your LinkedIn friends.

Take Action! 

1. I Can Really Download My Contacts?  

Yes, you really can, email addresses. articles you’ve written and everything else!

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First log into LinkedIn and click on My Network from the Menu Bar.  


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2. Then Click On Connections

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On the extreme right hand side of the screen, click on Manage Synced and Imported Contacts to open…

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Get A Copy Of Your Data.  Here you can download ALL of the data you have in LinkedIn, or just specific data like your Contacts.  Chose what you want to download as I did below and hit Request Archive.  
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3. Export Your Connections To Your Computer

You’ll receive an email when your download is ready.  Then simply save it to your desktop for safekeeping.
If you use Microsoft Outlook, don’t forget that you can import your contacts/connections information directly into Outlook.   Here’s how you do it in Outlook 2010:
  • Open Outlook and click on the File menu
  • Choose Open
  • Choose Import and then From Another Program or File
  • For file type, choose Comma Separated Values
  • Browse your desktop to locate the LinkedIn File you just downloaded and Import.

4. Keep It Safe

Once you download your LinkedIn Backup Files onto your computer, you can also:
  • Save  it to your password-protected Dropbox, iCloud or OneDrive for safekeeping.

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