An Update From Bob Brotchie

As most of you, know the idea for ICE, providing In Case Of Emergency information on your phone, was the brainchild of UK paramedic Bob Brotchie.  I’m very pleased to say that he has graciously agreed to do a guest post for us this week.  Not only is he going to tell us how he came up with the idea for ICE, but he’s also going to tell us about an amazing new app that he’s recently created to take the pain out of ICEing your phone! Laura & Jan
Take it away, Bob…

An Update From The Founder of ICE – Bob Brotchie

Thank you to Laura for kindly inviting me to provide a little background and update around the world of ICE – In Case of Emergency.
 A little background
2015 saw the tenth anniversary of ICE becoming known and accepted around the globe. An intuitive, inexpensive (or free) way of becoming identified – in the event an accident victim is unable to communicate for themselves – emergency responders could now learn who to call, to expedite reconnection at the earliest opportunity, while understanding any significant medical history, such as allergies that may impact on necessary resuscitative interventions.
In that decade, I have traveled the world promoting ICE, but also, I have worked with many entrepreneurs who wanted to innovate this most simple of concepts. Most have come and gone despite coming close to achieving the goals set. I recall two occasions attending TechCrunch in SFO and seeing first-hand how well ICE in it’s various guises can be received!       
Millions of supporters?
Because I created ICE as a free choice for mobile phone owners to consider, it is impossible to say with any certainty just how many have ICE in their mobile. However, it is clear it is a great many judging by the reports and engagement I have received from all over the world!
In 2005, I  began requesting, via media interviews, that mobile manufacturers would place ICE data fields in the software at the point of sale, so prompting the user to populate their ICE details. In recent years, this has come to fruition, but sadly not as I had asked.
Uniformity – The Vital Ingredient
Manufacturers have all created their take on ICE, but in doing so have created a lack of uniform and intuitive approach; the effectiveness of ICE is now significantly challenged, as a result.   
Fewer phone owners appear knowledgeable about how to ICE their phone, and fewer responders know – or have the time to figure which ICE method is required – for which phone! 
These methods are still important – but now I have created an alternative – for today!
ICE Wallpaper Creator Apps
I waited and campaigned long and hard before finally deciding (in 2015) to create something that would offer a potential opportunity to return ICE to uniformity. In providing for iOS and Android users an inexpensive app, I am now able to offer a solution that makes (almost) fool proof your chosen ICE data being available to those who need it immediately – on your behalf.
Once the phone is powered up, locked or not, this is an example of what is viewable.


You can purchase the apps at the following links: 
iTunes Store  (Apple App)       Google Play Store  (Android App)   Or to read more about the app, click here.
Remind Me, Why Do I Want To ‘ICE’ My Phone?
Planning for the unexpected requires action, even if it does mean just a few clicks to download an app!
None of us wishes to be harbingers of doom, but the reality is, every day someone ends up being in a situation they couldn’t have imagined. If I had a pound/dollar for every accident victim I treated in my years as a paramedic who told me “I didn’t expect this today” – and those that were not in a position to speak, to identify themselves or advise me who to call!
2015 Rocked For ICE!  
As well as that first decade anniversary, in 2015 ‘Icey’ was born as a new brand and promotion item. Here he is.



And other significant new partnerships were introduced too.
I was pleased to meet Laura, via the wonders of the internet, and to begin our reciprocal collaborations, the results of which should come to fruition in 2016 (watch this space).
I have also worked with another ICE app producer, Wanda Rafaely. Wanda has created a fantastic addition that addresses the highly specific and individual needs of those living with Autism.
Another new collaboration has been with British entrepreneur, Faye Robson. Faye has also worked incredibly hard to get into production a non-electronic means of utilizing ICE with her ICEbelts for vehicle seatbelts. 
And of course, our continuing partnership with which provides a platform for individuals to share their personal experiences, causes or products that can help to make the world a better place.
Bob Brotchie’s website can be found at 

Have Fun Getting Your Stuff Together! We’ll talk later…


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