8 Fields You Should Add To Your ICE Contact

8 Fields You Should Have In Your ICE Contact

Like most smartphones…

Your iPhone and your Samsung Galaxy let you change, add or create fields inside the contacts on your phone, so that you can customize it as much as you like. 

But what does this have to do with ICE Contacts?  Everything!
Adding new fields gives you a way to pack as much information as possible into your ICE Contact, in a way that makes it easy for emergency personnel to quickly understand and use.  For example, let’s say that you have two ICE Contacts.  One is your mom and the other is your close friend Susan.  If a medical team needs information quickly they’ll probably want to call mom instead of the friend.  Sure you can slip in the word friend next to Susan’s name, but unless you put it in the right way, chances are, it will get cut off or will not be immediately clear to an already overworked ER staff.  
But if you add a Relationship field, the difference between Mom and Friend is unmistakable.  You see where we’re going with this…  
So here are the 8 Fields You Should Add To Your ICE Contact
Already covered this one.  The best part about the Relationship field is that many phones already have it in your contact by default.
Social Media Links
Adding your ICE Contact’s social media links or screen names gives you and emergency personnel another way to reach them.  Many times Wi-Fi will be up and running even though regular cell or phone service is not.  A quick DM (direct message) or Tweet might be the only way to get someone’s attention, fast.
Alternate Phone Numbers
If your contact is at different locations on different days, using the alternate phone numbers fields are a great way to go. Either type in the location/day next to the number, or if your phone doesn’t let you do that, put the days/locations in the notes area of your contact.
The notes field is a great place to store everything that doesn’t fit into your regular contact.  Like your prescription medications, allergies and important bits about your medical history.
If you have more than one main physician or want your physician’s name and number to stand out, most phones will let you create an original field that you can call anything you want.  Since physician probably won’t be in the drop down of fields to choose from, just add a new field, name it physician (or physician 1 and physician 2) and type in your doctor’s name and number.
Insurance Company 
Same thing with your insurance company.  If you want to include it, the name of your insurer will probably fit into the Notes section, but if you want it to have it’s own field or have an alternate insurer, just create it like the Physician field above.  Just make sure you don’t include your insurance member number or your social security number.
Have information you want to highlight?  Consider creating an “Important” field.
One other field to add is Links.  In it you can include links to your medical history form and any other information that you feel you need to remember yourself, or communicate to emergency personnel.  
Need to know how to add a field to your phone?  Check out these other posts on our blog,  Adding a field to your iPhone or Adding a field to your Samsung Galaxy.
And while you’re here, be sure to check out our other posts like How To Put An ICE Contact On Your iPhone, or How To ICE Your Samsung Galaxy to learn everything you need to know about ICEing your phone.  And while you’re feeling proactive, don’t forget to put ICE Contacts on your spouse’s and kid’s phones too, along with each other’s contact information.   

Have Fun Getting Your Stuff Together! We’ll talk later…


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