Swimming for Life : Taking the Plunge

Here’s part two featuring Guest Blogger Laurie Batter. Laurie tells us about an exciting new documentary called “Taking The Plunge”. We’ll, I’ll let her fill in the details. Take it away Laurie…
Have you watched the mini trailer “Taking The Plunge”? This important documentary, due to be released this fall, touches lives and truly serves as a motivator to increase swimmers in this country and help reduce the number of drowning deaths in the U.S.
“Taking The Plunge” follows three women — one a mother who lost three of her children to a tragic drowning incident — on their journey to eliminate the fear of being in or around the water, with the help of aquatic therapist, Jeff Krieger, Waterphobias. Jeff’s program S.O.A.P (Strategies Overcoming Aquatic Phobias), recently featured on ABC News, takes a unique approach in helping individuals who are frightened by being in or around water conquer their fear.
But will these three women be courageous enough to Take the Plunge and to learn to swim?
This film will follow each woman on their personal journey and reveal whether or not they were able to Take the Plunge into the deep water, alone. Will they show the world that any and everybody, no matter their age, race, height, weight, gender, can truly attain the life-saving ability to swim?
The U.S. Centers for Disease Control & Prevention report that overall 37% of Americans are unable to swim, and unfortunately, African-American’s (62%) and Hispanic Americans (47%) are less likely to know how to swim.
Although U.S. drowning rates have decreased over the last 15 years, drowning remains the second leading cause of unintentional injury and death in children ages 1 to 19 years. Sadly, nearly 10 people per day lose their lives from unintentional drowning and deaths.
It is well documented that swim lessons promote good health and save lives. Each of us can make life-long difference by helping to bring this skill to more people.
  • Nearly 50% of Americans are afraid of water.
  • Drowning is the leading cause of death
    in children ages 1-5 years in the U.S.
  • 3800 drowning deaths and 5700 near-drowning
    related injuries each year in the U.S.
  • The CDC reports an 88% reduction in drowning
    risks in children ages 1-4 if they learn to swim.
This film talks with various authorities within the United States to discuss options that states and local government can utilize to prevent the silent epidemic of drowning that continues to take the lives of our youth daily.
Do you or those you love have a fear of water? As you view the trailer, and the documentary once released, we hope that everyone with a fear of the water will take a step towards conquering that nagging fear. By motivating non-swimmers to take advantage of local resources to learn basic swimming skills through the proper training, we can change our future.
Read more about this important project and the challenges these brave women face .  You can help by donating to the Step Into Swim Campaign™, a 10-year effort to create one million more swimmers initiated by the National Swimming Pool Foundation. The Campaign goal is to encourage both the private and public sector to sponsor and support existing and exceptional programs that help children, adults and minority populations take the important step to become swimmers. The Step Into Swim Campaign places emphasis on helping more individuals benefit from aquatic activity and reduce the risk of drowning. Teaching people to swim is an investment in the next generation. The campaign raises funds that are directly given to leading learn-to-swim organizations.
Just recently, the Step Into Swim Campaign brought swimming lessons to 500 New York City children this summer. You can help make this happen in your own community by donating to Step Into Swim
Creating more swimmers prevents drowning and improves people’s health by opening a spectrum of aquatic activities. The compelling statistics are explained in this White Paper.
By motivating non-swimmers to take advantage of local resources to learn basic swimming skills through the proper training, we can change our future.
For 30 years, Laurie Batter has assisted organizations, manufacturers and retailers in the swimming pool, hot tub and backyard industries, providing marketing, public relations, advertising and promotional consulting services through her full-service marketing firm, BatterUp! Productions—a boutique agency serving clients of all sizes around the globe, including non-profit National Swimming Pool Foundation. She is a past chairperson of the industry Hot Tub Council, and earned the ‘Eagle Award’ for outstanding contribution to the hot water industry. She can be reached at batterup@batterupproductions.com or by phone at 760-518-9304.
Have Fun Getting Your Stuff Together!    We’ll talk later…


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