How To Back Up Your Contacts

Let’s say your spouse or best friend decides to throw you a surprise party… 

How To Back Up Your Contacts | You'll find this and other quick and easy life hacks and organization hacks at https://rnn10.wordpress.comIf they opened up your contacts on your computer, would they find the current names and contact information for your friends and relatives?  Or would you end up with a room full of long forgotten former neighbors and all your friends from Camp Wannamochachino? That’s what I thought.   Which means that in an emergency, your spouse or best friend would have absolutely NO chance of locating the names of people they need to contact ASAP. So how about some quick tips on getting the contacts on your computer in pristine shape quickly and painlessly? Here are some simple ways to get them organized, backed up, usable and accessible.
Take Action! 
Here are a few simple ways to get your address book organized, backed up, useable and accessible.
1. Hunting Down Those Scraps of Paper
Grab all of those slips of paper, you’ve been keeping, with your friend’s updated phone numbers and emails.  And don’t forget the addresses you tore off the Christmas card envelopes & the notes at the bottom of your purse.  Now get over to your computer and start updating your contacts.
2. Two Second Updates
Outlook or other computer based contacts are the easiest to maintain – but only if you actually maintain them.  Every time you notice that a friend has updated information, take two seconds to update their entry in your contacts.
3. Or Once A Month
If you don’t have time for those two second updates, here’s a great way to get them all done.
  • Create a new folder on your computer desktop named “Contacts”.
  • Every time a friend sends you an email with updated contact info, or a new contact, save it and drop it into the folder.
  • You can also simply create a Word document and save all those bits of information on that one page.
  • Then on the day of your “appointment” make all the changes to your contacts, then delete the info in the folder or the entries on the Word document and start the month fresh.
4. Don’t Keep The Location To Yourself
Once your book is updated, tell your spouse, roommate or if you live alone, mother or best friend, where you keep your contacts, in case of emergency.  If it’s password protected, share that as well.
5. Talk Isn’t Always Cheap
Have a quick conversation with your spouse, best friend or parent about which people you would want them to notify if you were seriously injured.
You can also create a “notify” category in your contacts and put each person you’d want to notify of an accident or serious  illness, in that category.
That way all your spouse, friend or parent would have to do is sort by the notify category and would instantly have a list of people to notify.
And be sure to have the same conversation with your spouse and parents so that you know who to notify if the situation were reversed.
6. Now What Do I Do With It?
Back up your contacts!  If you’ve decided to make updates to your contacts once a month, then simply make a backup copy of your contacts the same day.
Depending on your software, export them or save them to a backup file just in case anything ever happens to your contact list.  While you’re at it, save an additional copy onto a portable hard drive or flash drive and put it in a safe deposit box with your other vital documents.  That way you’ll always have your contacts at your fingertips.
Want to download these instructions to use later?  Click Here to download the PDF version.
Have Fun Getting Your Stuff Together! We’ll talk later…


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