Neat Desk: Saving Customers From Taxing Situations

Neat Desk: Saving Customers From Taxing Situations

Neat Desk: Saving Customers From Taxing Situations | You'll find this and other quick and easy life hacks and organization hacks at https://rnn10.wordpress.comWith all the disasters that have taken place the last few years, Neat Desk is quickly becoming known for the ability to save its customers from dire situations.  Kevin Garton, Chief Marketing Officer of Neatco, recently filled us in on all the details.  Neat Desk was originally created as a way to simplify paperwork, especially the drudgery of expense reports.  It all started because the development team at Neatco was tired of having to gather their expense receipts, enter them into Excel, calculate everything manually and then copy, fax and mail them into headquarters, just to get an expense check.  And they knew that they weren’t the only workers who felt that way.  So the first Neat Desk was created to scan receipts and expense documents with a portable scanner and into a laptop.  Their invention immediately reduced cost and data entry.  No more mailing, no more errors.  Just one step and they were done.
Curious to see if Neat Desk would strike a chord with other executives, Neatco began installing Neat Desk scanners at airport retail kiosks.  Executives from coast to coast loved it and encouraged Neatco to add more features.  If it can do receipts, then what about business cards or tax information?
What sets Neat Desk apart from regular scanners is that it actually reads every document that is scanned into it and translates it into text with Optical Character Recognition.  Once you scan your documents and save them to the Neat Desk database on your computer, you can easily find them by searching for any key word in the document.  Just try to do that with a traditional file cabinet!
Before long, the newest generation of Neat Desk arrived, with the desk-sized Neat Desk and the portable Neat Scanner.  The instant we tried Neat Desk, we were impressed.  When we put a business card into Neat Desk it read the card and put all of the information on it – the name, title, phone numbers, and email address – right into the Neat Desk database on our computer. You can feed about twenty cards at a time, and the information pops up not only with a scan of the card, but with all of the contact information in the database ready to use any way you want.  If you have two or three hundred business cards, they can be in your contact list in about fifteen minutes, without having to hit a single key!

Neat Desk: Saving Customers From Taxing Situations | You'll find this and other quick and easy life hacks and organization hacks at

And it does the same thing for receipts.  When we scanned a drugstore receipt, it showed up in the database seconds later with the name of the store, items purchased, method of payment and whether or not the item was eligible for a flexible spending account.  Imagine what this will do for your receipts at tax time.  The regular sized Neat Desk can also scan both sides of a two-sided document simultaneously and in full color.
Customers love it, not only for the things we’ve mentioned but for scanning children’s artwork, vital documents, business records, photos and even recipes.  In fact a woman in Florida put 2500 recipes into hers!
Now every time she gets ready to cook dinner, she takes her computer to the kitchen with her!  No magazine clippings or messy recipe cards, just a completely organized recipe database ready to go, anytime she needs it.  Other customers have used Neat Desk to save their treasured photos and keepsakes, to preserve them for their own children.
The nicest thing of all is to be able to get rid of all those paper receipts cluttering up your file cabinets and drawers.  And even if you do need to keep them for reference, you’ll feel better knowing that you have a copy of them in the archive in case something happens to the originals.
Which brings us to disaster preparedness.  Neatco has received letters from many customers, who tell them that their Neat Desk not only saved their family, but their business, after all of their business files were destroyed in disasters.  One family in particular, whose home and home business were both destroyed in Hurricane Katrina, said that without Neat Desk, they wouldn’t have a business.  Just before the storm came, they had purchased a Neat Desk and had just finished scanning all of their receipts, business cards and documents.  They took the Neat Desk and their PC with them when they evacuated, and because they had the documents they needed, they were able to get their business up and running again, in record time.
As cutting-edged as Neat Desk scanners are, it’s only the beginning.  Coming soon, Neat will be adding two new mobile services to the Neat Desk family.  Neat Cloud is a cloud-based digital filing system that can be used in conjunction with Neat’s desktop software to give customers the ability to automatically back up and access their important information from any web browser.  Neat Mobile is a mobile app that allows customers to use their smartphone or tablet to ‘scan’ (via camera) and store information in their Neat Cloud digital filing system.
And to think it all started with an expense report.
Want to learn more about Neat Desk and Neat Receipt?   Neat Desk Videos and Tutorials   Purchase Neat Desk   Learn More About Neat Desk 
Have Fun Getting Your Stuff Together! We’ll talk later…


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