Air Show Plane Crashes Into Grandstand Full of Spectators

Air Show Plane Crashes Into Grandstand of Spectators

Plane Nose-Dived Into Crowd Of Spectators | You'll find this video and other quick and easy life hacks and organization hacks at
Not long ago in Reno, a vintage plane crashed into the grandstands during an air show, killing several spectators on the ground.   The video above shows just a few seconds of the chaos that occurred seconds afterwards.
Here were hundreds of people out to have a fun afternoon with their friends and families watching airplanes compete in a show that has gone on for years.  But for at least 50 of those people (numbers at press time), it ended in an unthinkable race against the clock to save their lives.  50 people who didn’t know that they’d be going to the hospital that day.  50 patients wheeled into ERs in front of doctors who had never seen the patients before them, didn’t know their medical history, the prescription medications they were on or the names of their next of kin, to answer those questions.  Those physicians, are in a race to save those lives.
Those unpredictable, unthinkable situations are just ONE of the reasons that we recommend having your ID, allergy and prescription medication information — along with your current medical history at your fingertips.   In our book The Backup Plan 3.0, we recommend some easy tips that would have come in very handy for this very situation.
  • Keep your ID with you, either in your purse/wallet.
  • Create Emergency Wallet Cards for yourself and each member of your family, that you keep along with that ID.  We have a great version you can cut out and use.  Just click on the link in this paragraph, download the cards and fill in  your name, age, address/phone, names of your emergency contacts, physician and any allergies or prescriptions you currently take. 
  • If you’re not taking your purse or wallet (for example when you’re out running or on an outing with other family members, consider using a Shoewallet, a small wallet that holds an ID, emergency card and a key, credit card or a few dollars.  They strap right to your shoe or to your belt.
  • We also suggest putting ICE contacts in your cell phone.  ICE stands for In Case of Emergency, and will alert people at the emergency room or rescue workers to the people you want contacted if you are unable to speak for yourself. Just click on the link for the blog post — it has the directions you need to get up and running fast.
  • If you want to kick it up a notch, consider creating your family’s medical history forms and placing them in a secure file server (like your own web site directory or online file depository).  That way if someone is injured, another family member can send the link or the document to the hospital treating them, so that they hospital can use that information immediately, before the next of kin even arrives on the scene.
Can you imagine the chaos that took place moments after that air disaster? 
People thrown feet into the air, away from their family or away from their belongings, then scooped up by emergency personnel and rushed to the nearest hospital that could take them?   The only thing anyone can do at that moment, (besides prayer!), is to make sure that they’ve done everything in their power, to ensure doctors treating them have everything they need to treat them with their particular needs, in mind.  To have what they need to save their lives.
Have Fun Getting Your Stuff Together! We’ll talk later…


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