Fast Company Salutes Heroes of Disaster Recovery

Disasters not only bring out the best in people, they also bring out the best in companies, especially companies that are faced with seemingly unsolvable problems, that, if they are not solved – and quickly – could mean the deaths of thousands of people.  These five people didn’t think twice about walking into earthquake ravaged Haiti or Chile, rolling up their sleeves and getting to work to solve those problems on behalf of their companies.  And the solutions are not only saving lives, they’re saving entire communities.  Be sure to click on each article below by Stephanie Schomer, to see how these corporate heroes mobilized fundraising, facilitated wireless connectivity, connected missing persons with their families, created instant hospitals and purified water, where there was none before.
All of us at The Backup Plan are so proud of you and the work you’ve done.  Thanks for going in and making a difference!
1. How mGive Is Making Donations Mobile  Founder, Mobile Accord Denver
Eberhard, 32, started Mobile Accord to help not-for-profits organize their mobile efforts. Its mGive platform — which launched with 10 seconds of TV time during the 2008 Super Bowl — has helped collect $41 million for Haiti since January.
2. The Pair Behind the Sunspring Water-Purification System Cofounders, Innovative Water Technologies
Dumont, Colorado
The Barkers — Jack, 47, is the inventor; Carmen, 50, runs the business — are behind the Sunspring, a portable, solar-powered water-purifying system.
3. Meet Claire Bonilla, Microsoft’s Disaster Response Maven Senior Director, Disaster Management, Microsoft Redmond, Washington
Bonilla, 37, coordinates emergency communication solutions for stricken communities.
4. IBM’s Open-Source Approach to Disaster Management Director, Corporate Responsibility, IBM Latin America São Paulo, Brazil
Menezes, 52, oversaw IBM’s recent relief efforts in Chile, using open-source software to find missing persons and helping start communities on the long road to emotional recovery.
5. A Look at the Inflatable Hospitals of Doctors Without Borders Logistics Manager, Doctors Without Borders
Bordeaux, France
Bouhabib, 43, worked with Doctors Without Borders’ R&D teams to transform inflatable tent structures into fully functioning hospitals.
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