Introducing The Backup Plan Blog

You’ve worked hard for everything you have in your life.  

I’m not just talking about your family and your friends, or even the home you live in.  I’m talking about the way you live, the things you love to have around you that make your life comfortable and secure.  Think about the photos that keep all those wonderful moments alive, your favorite book, an old diary, the keepsakes handed down through the generations that make you and the people you love feel connected.

And what about the other things that make your life secure?  Documents like the deed to your house, your family’s birth certificates, the letter awarding monthly retirement benefits – papers that not only define who you are, but if gone, could mean the end of the lifestyle you have worked so hard to create.  Close your eyes and picture all of those things, all around you, making your life what it is.

Now close your eyes and picture them gone.  In an instant!

All it takes is one hurricane, or one earthquake, and the things you love, and the normal, comfortable, secure lifestyle you have worked so hard to create and maintain, is gone.

Why You Need a Plan 

If you happen to live in a disaster-prone location, like hurricane or earthquake country, I know what you’re going to say.  You already know what steps to take to prepare your home and make it as resistant as possible to that particular disaster.  Great, we’re glad to hear it!  And you’re right, it is easy to find instructions on how to physically prepare your home for disasters.

It’s also easy to find information on evacuation routes and public shelters from your local authorities or news stations once a hurricane is imminent.  It’s exactly the same information that was given before Katrina and Rita struck and we agree that it saved countless lives.

But if you listen to the stories that came out of those storms and other disasters, it wasn’t enough.  Something was missing.  Yes, people survived.  But in what condition?

  • Were they able to pick up the threads of their lives after the storms and go on, basically in the same shape physically, financially and emotionally as they were before?
  • Did they have the information and documentation they needed to prove that everything they possessed before the storm – money, property, pensions, insurance, or citizenship papers – was actually theirs?
  • Were they able to maintain the financial status, home and lifestyle they had worked all their lives to attain?
  • If their homes had been destroyed, were they able to pick up and rebuild their lives in a new city, with the least amount of time, energy and pain possible?

Anyone who watched even a moment of CNN after the Haiti or Chile Earthquakes, or Katrina knows the answer to that question!


They might have survived the immediate disaster, but thousands of people – thousands of families – were unable to thrive once the storm subsided.

If you think about it, that shouldn’t be much of a surprise.  People that used only the usual information to plan for a disaster or emergency, got the usual results.  And because of it, their lives will never be the same.

The Right Way To Plan

So how do you keep yourself and the people you love from ending up the same way?

Imagine that you get a phone call that you’ve won a free trip to Hawaii. The catch is, you have to be packed, ready and standing at the gate at the airport in 45 minutes.  Whether you’re a planner by nature or not, you would hang up that phone, grab the nearest suitcase and tear through your house tossing everything you can think of into it, and throw it into the back seat of the car so you can grab that flight.  You get to your hotel, ready to run down to the sparkling, pristine beach only to discover that you have no swim suit, only flip flops, a hat and a half used tube of toothpaste!

That’s how most people plan for disasters.  They put it off and put it off, until a hurricane warning, a wildfire or a medical emergency rears its ugly head.  Then they run through the house throwing things into the suitcase, car or duffel bag and end up with none of the tools or information they really need.   Unlike our Hawaii example, not having what you need in an emergency, can literally be the difference between life and death or as we’ve already seen, merely surviving or thriving.

And that’s what the Backup Plan Blog is all about.


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